What is the Medical Marijuana Use Registry?

Medical Marijuana Use Registry

The Medical Marijuana Use Registry is a database collected by the government containing information about licensed medical marijuana patients. Licensed dispensaries use the database to verify a patient’s or caregiver’s legal status before shipping medical marijuana to a location. This step ensures that only people legally approved to receive medical marijuana are allowed to do so.

Requirements to apply as a medical marijuana patient.

Ensure that you have the most up-to-date and correct information about medical marijuana in Mississippi. A qualified patient is required to:

  • Be a permanent resident of Mississippi.
  • Be diagnosed by a qualified practitioner.
  • Obtain an identification card from the Mississippi Department of Health.
  • Renew the card annually after completion of at least a 6-month evaluation.

Application for a Medical Marijuana Registry Card

Your provider will create a certification for you and submit it online. Finish the remainder of your application within 60 days after receiving your provider certification.

  • For your records, get a printed copy of the provider’s certification.
  • Check with your healthcare provider to ensure that your certificate’s information is accurate.
  • Each time you apply, you must provide a new provider certification.
  • Minor patients must have a consenting parent or guardian.
  • Patients 18-25 require certification by two separate medical providers.


The Medical Marijuana Use Registry is a way for patients to register with the state using their Mississippi identification card number so that they can purchase medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary. When you register, you will receive a card that says you are legally allowed to buy medical marijuana from a dispensary.