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If you’re facing challenges like chronic pain, weight concerns, or mental health issues, incorporating medical cannabis into your healthcare regimen could be pivotal. However, when cannabis alone doesn’t suffice, our Alabama location offers comprehensive treatment plans integrating cannabis alongside supportive medications to address your needs holistically.
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Pause Pain & Wellness proudly distinguishes itself through our steadfast commitment to our patients. From the very beginning, our founding principle has been to provide tailored and compassionate care to individuals in Alabama. We’re not just another medical marijuana card clinic; we’re the premier destination in Alabama for obtaining your medical cannabis card. However, our mission goes beyond mere approval. At Pause Pain & Wellness, we’re committed to ensuring you receive the necessary support to alleviate your symptoms, whether you’re grappling with chronic pain, mental health concerns, or striving for weight loss to enhance your well-being. Our clinic prides itself on exceeding expectations by guiding you through Alabama’s legal requirements, ensuring you can maintain your card for as long as you need it.

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