Mental Health Services

Cannabis has been shown to help the psychological suffering caused by PTSD, anxiety, burnout, stress, and other mental health issues due to the calming effects of THC and CBD, but when it isn’t enough, our providers can prescribe supporting medicines to help make life brighter.

Treatment plans for your specific situation

Stress, Anxiety, and Worry

Constant or intense feelings of apprehension about daily events.

Overall burnout

Exhaustion, feeling disconnected, irritable, or a lack of fulfillment.

Career or Financial Stress

Ongoing fatigue, reduced drive, or a sense of feeling trapped.

Lack of Motivation

Feeling overwhelmed, unfocused, or unenthusiastic.

Medically Supervised

Your journey to reach your mental health goals begins with a personalized treatment plan from our healthcare provider. We address your medical history, mental health challenges, medical conditions, and current medications to create a supportive program that works for you.

We Start With Cannabis

Our provider qualifies you for a medical marijuana card based on your qualifying conditions.  This also helps with stress and sleep issues that may make it more difficult for traditional medications to be fully effective at lower dosages.

microdosing thc

Add Supporting Medicines

When you need an extra boost to face the challenges of daily life, medication can be a helpful part of your treatment plan. Your mental health challenges are unique to you, so our healthcare provider will prescribe FDA-approved medications and then work with you to monitor your progress.

Is it hard for you to feel happy?

Are you feeling irritable, exhausted, overwhelmed or anxious? Have you considered medication but are concerned about the cost of seeing a doctor? .

Our program takes a uniquely holistic approach to mental health, to help you to feel like yourself again. First, we reduce your body’s chronic stress response through cannabis, as an additional benefit to treatment of your primary qualifying condition. Then second, we prescribe FDA-approved medications for your specific situation.

Meet with an experienced healthcare provider for a complete mental health evaluation.
Apply for your medical marijuana card if you do not already have one (subject to qualifying conditions).
Receive your prescription for additional mental health medication.
Schedule your follow up telehealth visits to monitor your progress and dosage.

How It Works

Complete an in-person evaluation

Get a personalized mental health prescription

Receive Ongoing Care

How It Works

Complete an in-person evaluation
Get a personalized mental health prescription

Receive Ongoing Care

Our Plans

Take advantage of our bundled plans to maximize your savings.



  • Medical Marijuana Evaluation
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  • Unlimited Office Visits including Mandatory 6 month follow up
  • Patient Assistance to Register with the MSDOH
  • Exclusive Patient Advocate Helpline
  • VIP Special Promotions, coupons, and Educational Tools
  • *$19.99 after 12 months of consecutive payments of $29.00

Mental health



  • Evaluation by Mental Health Provider via Telehealth
  • Monthly Telehealth Sessions
  • Ongoing care for medication management
  • Prescription Refills
  • Private Therapy Session
  • Educational Tools
  • *Price does not include medications

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