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Whether you’re struggling with chronic pain, extra weight, or mental health issues, medical cannabis may be a critical part of your healthcare journey. But when cannabis isn’t enough, we’re the only clinic in Mississippi offering our patients holistic treatment plans with cannabis and supporting medications.
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Pause Pain & Wellness stands out for our unwavering commitment to our patients.  Founded by a leading Mississippi physician, we are Mississippi’s #1 Medical Marijuana Card Clinic with multiple statewide locations to serve you. We do more than get you approved for your medical cannabis card. Pause Pain & Wellness is dedicated to ensuring you have the support you need to treat your symptoms, whether you suffer from chronic pain, mental health issues, or you’re seeking weight loss to improve your health. Our clinic goes above and beyond to keep you in compliance with Mississippi law so you can keep your card for as long as you need it. The only clinic in Mississippi with statewide locations staffed by Mississippi healthcare providers.

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