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Join Pause Pain & Wellness’s referral program. Invite friends and enjoy discounts together!

Save with Every Referral You Send Us

Earn $10 for every referral you send to us and more. Learn how our referral program works below and start earning discounts now!

Get By (and Save) with a Little Help from Your Friends

Discounted First Visit

Discounted 6-Month Follow-Up

Discounted Annual Visits

Referral Benefits

6-Month Visit


Earn $25 off of 1st 6-month visit

Free for 3

6-month visit
Refer 3 patients and your 6-month visit is free, or get $50 off your annual visit

Annual Visit

Annual Medical Card Renewal
Refer 10 patients to us and renew your card for free

You have questions, we have answers.

Referral Program FAQs

How can I earn discounts through referrals?
Refer friends to get their medical marijuana card with us. Earn $10 off for each friend who becomes a patient.
What benefits do referrers receive?
Get special discounts, including a complimentary visit after your third referral or annual visit for $149.
What benefits do referred patients receive?
Receive $25 off your first 6-month visit when referred by a current patient.
Are referral discounts combinable with other offers?
Referral discounts cannot be combined with other offers, and they have specific terms and conditions.
How can I qualify for a free annual visit?
Reach 10 referrals to qualify for a free annual visit as a referrer.
Can referral benefits be exchanged for cash?
Referral benefits like ‘Free for 3’ cannot be exchanged for cash and are subject to the terms of the offer.

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