Are There Medical Marijuana Doctors Near Me?

medical marijuana card providers/clinics near me

Are there medical marijuana card providers/clinics near me? If you’re asking this question and live in Mississippi, you’re in the right place. What if we told you that finding a medical marijuana card providers/clinics in Mississippi has now become a whole lot easier? Medical marijuana card providers/clinics are becoming more and more common as the legalization of marijuana takes effect.

So if you want to get treatment for your chronic or acute pain without the hassle of traveling long distances, read on!

What is Pause Pain & Wellness?

Pause Pain & Wellness is a group of medical cannabis evaluation clinics focused on helping you find relief from chronic pain and other disabling conditions. We help determine if medical cannabis is right for you and help you find other local treatment options when necessary.

Locations, locations, locations!

The first Pause Pain & Wellness Clinic was founded in Oxford, MS, helping patients with every step in their healing journey, from medical marijuana card approval to continuing education and care. The clinic has since expanded to include locations in Meridian, Jackson, Starkville, and Tupelo.

We are also excited to announce that new Pause Pain Clinics are coming to Mississippi! Yes, you read that right! We are expanding our services to better serve the people of Mississippi. We plan to open new clinics in Hattiesburg, Olive Branch, and the Gulf Coast soon to improve access across the state. 

When you visit Pause Pain & Wellness, you’ll meet a group of healthcare professionals under the direction of pain management specialists. We will help assess if medical cannabis is the best option for you and refer you as needed for any other valuable treatment and services needed to manage your chronic pain and make you well.

Why are we expanding?

Pause Pain & Wellness is expanding its services to more Mississippi cities to provide better access to medical cannabis therapy for residents of the state. The clinic was founded using the best available medical cannabis research to offer an alternative treatment to patients suffering from one of many debilitating conditions. By expanding to more cities in Mississippi, Pause Pain & Wellness will be able to improve the quality of life of more people by helping them live more pain-free, productive lives.

So, if you’re asking, “are there medical marijuana card providers/clinics near me?” Look no further than the Pause Pain & Wellness Clinics across Mississippi. 

We can’t wait to get started, and we hope you’ll join us on this journey. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations.